Drive-In Theater

Date: Wed Aug 09 2006 16:29:55 GMT-0500 (CDT)
Wow, Donna was surfing today & found out that we have a drive-in theater no more than 20 minutes from our house. Century Capitol Drive-In. This is totally kewl, Donna & I used to go to the one back home almost every weekend, until it closed.. Now that was a real bummer. I simply love drive-in theaters, I get to go to a theater & bring my own food, sit in my own comfy vehicle & I get to smoke without leaving the theater 8-) Zach doesn't remember going because he was too small to remember, but we are taking him to this one this weekend. I think he will love it, besides we are going to see BarnYard & My Super Ex-Girlfriend. I'll write back to let you all know what I think of the place.. Update: The theater was pretty good, a little on the dirty side, but otherwise it was enjoyable.