F2E Summit Examples

Date: Thu Mar 08 2007 16:29:52 GMT-0600 (CST)
Hey All -- I have uploaded the examples that I talked about in my presentation at the Yahoo! F2E Summit on Wed. If you want to dive in, you can see the examples here: http://blog.davglass.com/files/yui/class/f2e/ Now I'll try to explain them a little here: 1. Panel Tricks This is a simple mouseover example with a panel. http://blog.davglass.com/files/yui/class/f2e/example1/ Using the same technique, we use it to build more info bubbles for form inputs. http://blog.davglass.com/files/yui/class/f2e/example1/solution2.php 2. AutoComplete Trickery This example shows "another way to look" at the AutoComplete widget. http://blog.davglass.com/files/yui/class/f2e/example2/ 3. TabView Hacks This example shows how to make an animated TabView in about 10 minutes. http://blog.davglass.com/files/yui/class/f2e/example3/ This example takes the code from the previous and turns a normal TabView widget into a nifty "Accordion" widget. http://blog.davglass.com/files/yui/class/f2e/example3/solution2.php 4. Animation Hacks These are just too kewl, you really need to see them. So take a look, read the source and see if you can tell what's going on 8-) http://blog.davglass.com/files/yui/class/f2e/example4/ http://blog.davglass.com/files/yui/class/f2e/example4/solution.php The purpose of my talk was to let everyone know that: "You can't judge a Widget by it's name" It's a hard point to get across, I may write more about it later (if people want to know). Hope you enjoy the examples.. 8-)