Yahoo! Mail API

Date: Thu Mar 29 2007 13:28:32 GMT-0500 (CDT)
The Yahoo! Developer Network released a new set of API's today. They opened up the "Yahoo! Mail Web Service APIs". This set of API's is possibly the best set to ever be released.. Back in Dec I posted about my latest win at Hack Day (you can read about that here). Well, now that the API's have been released, I can show you my winning hack :D
Note: This hack was built in around 12 hours and it has not been tested! The code is messy and could have been done better, but I wanted to get as much done as possible so I hacked it quite a bit!
So now on to the hack... My hack was called "CandyGram Lite" and it was an attempt to rebuild the new Yahoo! Mail Beta with semantic markup and using the YUI tools. Not only to make it faster, but to make it work in all Grade A Browsers. Enough of the yapping, here's the link: You will need a Yahoo! Mail account in order to use it. If you don't have one, get one here. Please be gentle on my server :D