Git helper for YUI Contributors v1

Date: Fri Apr 10 2009 09:37:59 GMT-0500 (CDT)
Last week I started working on a little helper utility to aid YUI Contributors with GitHub and git. Currently it is quite usable and ready for people to start using and providing some feedback. The full source is available on GitHub: This helper app is an addition to the already awesome git porcelain (meaning pretty, not brittle). When you place the git-yui file in your path, you will now have access to the git yui set of sub commands. The commands that are currently supported are:
  • git yui up
  • git yui merge
  • git yui sync
  • git yui build
  • git yui docs
  • git yui lint
  • git yui network
  • git yui pullrequest
  • git yui commits
  • git yui create
  • git yui log
The above commands are explained in full here: Each of these commands are specific to YUI projects (yui2, yui3, yuidoc, builder). Some are only for yui2 and yui3: docs/build. Hopefully these tools will help when contributing code. Let me know what everyone thinks and please feel free to ask for feature requests :D