Yahoo Open Hack London

Date: Sun May 10 2009 18:05:26 GMT-0500 (CDT)
Yahoo Open Hack London 57 Originally uploaded by Jinho.Jung.
Yahoo Open Hack London 67 Originally uploaded by Jinho.Jung.
This weekend I had the privilege of attending the second Open Hack Day in London. This year I was a presenter instead of just there for user support. I have to say that it was an awesome event and I can't wait to do it again. I've uploaded the slides from my talk to SlideShare and posted the code example here. I have to mention that one of the best parts was the band: They are a German duo that plays a guitar and a GameBoy. It's a pretty sweet sound and so far I really like coding to it :D There are tons of pics available from the event, so browse on over to flickr and check them out.